Thursday, September 29, 2011

pet peeves

yeah i got a few and i just thought i'd share. maybe we have one (or more) in common! 

when my students don't put their name on their papers. even after i've reminded them! ughh

when people ask the same question over and over again. no, the answer is not going to change.

three. and this is the big one.
when people complain about a situation but they refuse to do anything about it. if you don't like something work in a positive manner to change it. if you have actually tried and it still isn't working change the way you think about it. that's all there is too it. there is noting i hate more than complaining people who are rude and lazy. please do something to benefit everyone.

sorry about the little rant there, i just needed to get that out. 

i feel much better now.

so i've been trying (unsuccessfully) to find and change my blogger background and header. i am just not finding anything that sticks out to me. if yall know of any websites with cute stuff let me know!!

so homecoming is this weekend and i'm stoked!! i already have my dress. red, for west ga. go wolves!! our football team has actually been playing fairly well this year (knock on wood) so let's hope that trend continues. it would do wonders for out football program if they won a few more games :) 

what are yall up to this weekend?!
Much Love!


  1. I've been looking for some cute sites to help me change my design too. I want to make one on my own instead of taking someones premade design.

    Check out:
    Shabby Blogs
    Smitten Blog Designs

    They're really cute!

  2. AMEN to number three. my gosh i think some people just like to complain. i swear i spent half of my senior year in college listening to my roommate complain and cry to us about her cheating/lying boyfriend but she never did anything to change the situation...such a pet peeve of mine too!!!

    hope you have fun at the game :)