Thursday, September 15, 2011

how tired is too tired?!

i feel awful. between lack of sleep, classes, student teaching (which i started this week), sorority and other school stuff, i believe that i have over extended myself. my throat is killing me so say hello to my scratchy man-ish voice. my head doesn't hurt, thankfully. i've been getting headache almost daily so i def don't miss those but my tummy is feeling a little funny. but i've dad decided that i am to stay in and rest up tonight. 
that means no first home football game. (and i had the most perf outfit too!) 

but aside from my crapy day today, this week has been VERY exciting.

i started my student teaching for the semester and i'm in a  third grade class, and i LOVE it!
i LOVE my teacher..
i LOVE the school..
i LOVE the subject material..
and i LOVE those precious kids!

don't get me wrong, i love love loved my kindergarteners and first graders but third grade is a whole different ball game. i cannot wait to teach my first lesson next week!!

i had my "up 'til dawn" interview on tuesaday. i applied for the moral chairperson and i should find out about it soon. (i hope) cross your fingers!!

yall remember how i was an orientation leader this past summer?!?! well guess what!! i made head staff for next summer. basically what that means is i'll have a bigger helping hand in the process of orientation. i'll also have a group of orientation leaders to lead, instead of new students. 
how exciting right?! 
so yall will def be hearing more about that!

last night was our xi man crush party. we invited all the fraternities and sisters got to invite their boyfriends and we rented out a bar. i always enjoy the crush parties the most. i had the privilege of announcing our "xi court" and "xi man" they're are like a sweetheart and sweetheart court you hear fraternities having. 
such a great night!!

well i'm off to rest this nasty whateverness off. hopefully i'm feeling better so i can make it to our sisterhood retreat at the BRAVES game!!! 

hope yall have had a wonderful week :)
Much Love!

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