Sunday, September 18, 2011

hello fall!

thank goodness it's starting to feel like fall!!

 it's about dang time.

personally i would like it to be a little bit cooler but beggars can't be choosers and it'll get plenty cold before i know it. 

so we went to the braves game on friday and it was SO much fun. yeah our seats were a little high and i wasn't feeling 100% i still had a good time. i didn't even get that lost going home after the game. 
(normally i get so lost in atlanta but i figured it out this time!)

some of the lovely ladies and me

and then on saturday, dad, mom and my aunt ruthie went to the suwanee days festival. it was so dang crowded but they had the BEST greek food there.
however, those greeks need to get on their sweet tea recipe, it was slacking. 
at the suwanee city hall there was a piece of the world trade center. 
woah. heavy right.
i still remember exactly where i was when i heard the news. its was very moving to see an actual piece of history right there in front of me.

powerful, right?

and today was my church's homecoming. happy 39th birthday Lilburn Christian Church!!!
i've been attending LCC since i was in first grade. i've met some amazing people and had some wonderful experiences there. i am so blessed for parents who wanted me to grow up in a church family and that they found one that has been so supportive. 
Much Love!

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