Friday, September 23, 2011

football player i ain't

shocking right.

i'm not sure if i told yall one of my "goals" for my senior-ish year. 

play all the intermural teams that my sorority does. flag football, soccer and softball. (soccer is the only one i've actually played before)

yeah so football, it's not for me. let me tell you why....

wednesday, before our game, we were practicing and 'running routs' (new term i learned).
so i'm running for a pass, feeling pretty good, i miss the pass but that's not really a big deal. 
however, the big deal is that literally two seconds later i'm on the ground with no feeling in my left foot.


turns out as i was slowing down from running and being the major klutz that i am i rolled my ankle. the worst part was the sickening POP that i heard coming from my poor foot as i fell. major OW!
and of course there a huge group of other sorority girls near me and i'm pretty sure they heard it too because as soon as i hit the ground they're asking me if i'm alright, what happened, etc. so sweet of them but umm embarrassing for me. 

i mean there was NO ONE even around me!!!

so i get up (with the help of coach and my sisters) and go sit on the sideline.
oh but wait, our other coach insists that i get up and walk on it and stretch it out, which sounded crazy at first but ended up being the best thing for it. it helped the swelling to hold back until after the game.

yes, i still played
champ or just crazy?!

well anyway we lost the game. sad right?
and i did the whole RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevate) minus the C because i didn't have anything to wrap it with, before i went to bed and woke up the next day with a big 'ol swolen ankle that's all brused and tender. and sitting in class all day made it even worse. (silly me should have taken a pic to give yall a visual but nope i didn't, my bad)

i went home today and mom looked at it and deterimined that it wasn't bone that was injured, just the muscles and tendons so there was really no need to go to the doctor. thank goodness.

so i am currently sitting on the couch upstairs watching NCIS with my foot on the coffee table, iced, and doing (well supposed to be doing) homework. what and exciting life i live.
i just hope that it feels better before homecoming next saturday so i can wear heels.

i'll let yall know how the healing process goes. this is my first sprain so i'm not sure what to expect. 

have a lovely weekend yall :)
Much Love!


  1. I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my post for details :)

    XO -Becca

  2. Jenna! What a cute blog you have here. Thank you so much for the award.