Sunday, September 11, 2011


my beloved camera that i've had since my senior year of high school finally bit the dust. and since i don't want to spend $100+ on another one (well not right now at least). my mother graciously let me borrow one of her cameras. mainly because i may or may not have complained about not have something to capture the memories of my senior-ish year. (i say senior-ish because it's my fourth year but i won't graduate until dec 2012. a semester late. but it's totes not a big deal!) anywho, i don't have a connector cord for said camera so i'm not really sure how to get pics from my camera to my computer. 

wtf right?!

i hope you loves had a wonderful weekend!
my first day of student teaching third grade is tomorrow (so excited). 
wish me luck!!!

Much Love!

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