Wednesday, July 13, 2011


as of lately i have been doing a whole lot of nothing, nada, zilch, zero. and it's been well.... nice.... i guess. 

ok i'm going crazy!

i'm used to working everyday, so to pass the time i've been on my NEW fav site (other than blogspot of course)

if you haven't heard of it you def need to go to it and browse around. if you like what you see you can request an invite and create your own pinterest boards.

love love love!

well i've been babysitting too. two of the most precious girls ever! but i took them to chuck e cheese's and good gracious i now know why my parents didn't like to take my brother and i there. SO LOUD and let's just say we use a lot of hand sanitizer that day!

also, i've been watching the Women's FIFA World Cup. and i gotta say that the USA team is blowing me away! so inspiring. i remember watching the 1999 World Cup and seeing my heros Michelle Akers, Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, and Brandi Chastain and wanting to be just like them. (i played soccer since i was 8 until 10th grade.) 
how can we forget this image after Brandi scored the winning PK (penalty kick)

the game they played today.. amazing! (yes i know, i'm a total soccer nerd but i'm 100% ok with it!)

i would say that i can't wait to watch the final game on sunday... but i'll be flying to haiti.

and while i'm on that subject i might as well let ya know that we leave SATURDAY!!! yes, THIS saturday! like the saturday that's in three days. like the saturday that is july 16, 2011. i can't wait! (clearly) ha!
we had a prayer service tonight at church and they had a special prayer for all the people who were going. (ten of us in all) my dad lead the prayer and i didn't think he was going to make it. he's got me, my mom, and my brother going on this two week adventure. as he puts it, "his life". it is gonna be hard on him for all three of us to be gone for that long, but i know that God will be watching over us and there are people praying for our safe return. and i'm not gonna lie, i'm going to miss my dad like crazy. i wish he was coming! maybe next time :)

well that's all the randomness i have for tonight.
Much Love!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

learning to let go

i have a bad habit.... i really bad one. 

i hold grudges. i may not totally show it on the outside but on the inside, if someone wrongs me, i have a REALLY hard time forgetting it.

i've never admitted that before.

after some recent events (and by recent i mean the past two weeks or so) i've realized that this is a nasty habit and is so very unhealthy for me. since i've moved home from school, it's been a little easier for me to forget what has happened because i'm not seeing these people everyday. but i've also been working on how to deal with these people when i do see them again.

yesterday was one of those times. and i failed. 

the moment i saw the person that hurt me... ice. there was not one word that i wanted to to say to that person. i didn't even want to look at them. and the entire time i was telling myself that i was being redic about the whole situation but all i could muster up was a half hearted smile. 


i wish i could go back and change my behavior. i don't want to be remembered as a bitter person, it's just so hard when someone hurts you to want to show kindness to them.

but then something that one of my mom's best friends pops in my head. i remember her always telling me, 

"honey, people are always gonna do you wrong, but you just always gotta remember to love big. that's all you can do."

she is such a wonderfully, fabulous, christian woman who i totally look up to. 

my mom, being the amazing woman she is, tells me to pray, and pray harder for the people who hurt you because they need it the most.

she's right.

i have such wonderful, strong women in my life.

well i'm going to leave yall with some inspirational quotes that i just love!

Much Love!