Friday, June 3, 2011

new post finally!

its about time right?!
so sorry friends, i have been swamped!! and i'm so sorry i'm always saying sorry for leaving you for days at a time without any updates. badddd jenna! 

i'm not even gonna lie i've tried to blog a few time but i'm always SO tired from orientation. this georgia heat is KILLING me. it just drains you even when you're standing there, so walking in it is killer!

but i'm having a blast meeting the new freshman. i'm pretty sure that the kids in my small groups think i'm crazy because i make them play silly games and dance at 2:30 (the dancing at 2:30 is an orientation thing) however all this fun in the sun is messing my allergies like MAD! i've already broken out it what looked like bug bits all over my legs, arm and stomach so i had to go to the doctor to help with that. (it's all gone now, no worries!) and two days ago i started coughing a bit, but i didn't think anything about it until the next morning when i woke up with no voice. 

no bueno!

can you imagine an orientation leader with NO voice?! so awful. i had to use my squeaky, raspy, man-ish voice to talk to the future of west ga. go west right?! well thank goodness i can rest until wednesday so i'll be good to go for the next session. i can't wait to share with yall my awesome new gear that i have received from being an orientation leader. it's all sweaty and dirty right now so i'll wash it and have a photo shoot later :)

in other news.....

my little baby brother GRADUATED from high school!!!!!!! ahhhh i'm soooooooo proud of him!!


my camera died (i seriously need a new camera!! suggestions of good cameras that have a long battery life and take good quality pics are much appreciated!) but my mom took pics so when she sends them to me i'll post those as well. 

so guess what yall have to look forward to....

A POST OF PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i know you're super excited!

i'm headed to shower and do some laundry before our recruitment workshop tonight. i'm in such need of seeing my sisters. i miss them so much!
(if any of yall are reading this, i CAN'T wait to see yall!)

that's it for me. have a fabulous friday loves!
Much Love!

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  1. Jenna! So, I am reading your blog and then I notice a picture on the side of you and one of my childhood friends--kate folds [now kate walker]! Wow, small world! I take it you guys are sorority sisters? fun!