Monday, June 20, 2011

2 minuet update

so while my little orientation kiddies are in their academic session i thought that i would give yall a quick update. it has be so crazy here lately with orientation sessions, ashley's wedding, father's day etc. i promise i'll post pictures from all of these events ASAP.

but i'm sooooo ready for august and for school to start. mainly i'm ready for cooler (not colder) weather! the church that ashley's wedding was held at didn't have air conditioning because of a storm that hit here pretty hard a few days ago. but it was so good being about to see everyone. a lot of my sisters were there so we got a catch up for a bit. also, yesterday at church there was no AC at my church because lightening hit one of the AC units next to the church and sent a charge and knocked out half the power in the whole place. and let me tell you.... we were ALL sweating! noooo good. happy father's day right?!

well it's about time for them to go see their advisors, better go make sure they all get to the right place. cross your fingers that dinner tonight at the school cafeteria is good!!
Much Love!

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