Sunday, May 22, 2011

some slight obsessions

so there are a few things this summer that i have become OBSESSED with!
essie nail polish.
this is just what i have a school with me. there's more at home. my toes are currently 'nice is nice' and i LOVE it! however i've got my eye on this color. 

braziliant. i would love this on my little piggly wigglies. perfect for the beach.

which is another thing i'm obsessed with! but ask me if i will be going this summer?! negative. but hopefully i will get to visit the beach when i go to haiti in july. keep your fingers crossed!

and that brings my to my next obsession. haiti.
i've been trying to learn what i can before we head out there. i know its going to be NOTHING like i expect but it's nice to learn about where you're going.

facts about haiti:
population: 9,719,932
urban population: 52% of total population 
people living with HIV/AIDS: 120,000 (2009 est.)
deaths from HIV/AIDS: 7,100 (2009 est.)
religions: roman catholic but roughly half of the population practices voodoo
language: 1. french 2. haitian creole (the most commonly used)
capital: port-au-prince 2.1 million residents and where we will be visiting

i've been goggling images of the country and this is defiantly going to be an experience for me.
before the earthquake.

after the earthquake.
and i doubt that much has changed since last year. i cannot wait to visit with these people and get to know them better. 

so continuing on my theme of my obsessions the next on my list is my chacos. 

this is my pair. 
loving the dirt alllll over right?! sorry about the nasty tile floor. thank you dorm room. but i literally wear them everywhere! so comfortable. 

get ya some! i drink at least 3 or 4 a day.

well it's time for me to catch up on whitney's costa rica adventure. i've mentioned her before in one of my posts but i haven't read it in the past couple day so i'm playing catch up! hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!
Much Love!

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  1. I'm obsessed with essie!! so many great colors.. I love the color you have on your toes!