Tuesday, May 10, 2011

one word


yes, the word that makes every girl do a double take. this shopping trip for for bathroom decor for the upstairs and downstairs bathroom in my parents house.

but before my mom and mine's shopping trip could start we went to a retirement party for a lovely lady that my mom works with at northside hospital.
my mom works with the newborns there. omg if i wasn't going to be a teacher i would totally be a nurse like her. i would love love loveeee to work with the itty bitties!
anyway. my mom has worked there for 20 some odd years, needless to say they know all about me, but i have never met most of them.
so when i was there my mom was so excited to introduce me to all her work friends and i really enjoyed hearing, "OH MY GOSH! you're so pretty!! you look just like your mom!"
ego boost... i think so!

ohh and listen to this little story. so i'm driving back to carrollton and i see behind me a car that looks JUST like a cop car. so what do i do... SLAM on breaks!! (yeah i know you're not supposed to do that but i've already had one speeding ticket and i don't plan on getting another) i mean i wasn't even speeding, but it still makes me nervous. well guess what?! it was a dang atlanta taxi. the trickery!

anyway, so back to my shopping trip. we got this lovely painting at ikea for the upstairs bathroom. 

i swear it's the buckhead skyline. that really tall building looks EXACTLY like the building i intern next to.

we also decided that we just HAD to visit the target! my fav store ever!

if only this lil guy was for sale. ha!

i picked up a new outfit, perfect for my brother's graduation party at the end of may. you'll see later ; )
but i know exactly where my first paycheck is going. towards this little baby....

ok this pic does not do it justice. it's so cute in person!

alrighty, that's it for now. wish me luck moving into the dorms tomorrow!! eek!
Much Love!

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  1. ooh I saw that dress at Target! it is so cute!!