Monday, May 9, 2011

i must admit...

that one.
i have been a HORRIBLE blogger! i am so sorry friends! between student teaching, final projects, and studying for finals i haven't even had time to breathe. but i promise that i'm going to be better not that it's summer i plan on blogging a lot more :)

two. (since i've admitted one thing i might as well get it all out!) 
i've tried so hard to be okay with all my friends graduating and going off to the real world. (or to grad school) i mean i'm so proud of them but i'm still going to miss walking to the door next to mine and have a random chat with my big. next school year is defiantly going to be different!

i haven't worked in about three weeks :( oops! dang all this school work i've had. my poor bank account. thank goodness i start my orientation job wednesday.

on wednesday i start my orientation leader job! you might remember it from this post. and i'm stoked! but i must admit i'm totally FREAKED out about living in a dorm for the next two months. yeah i know that it sounds silly to be freaked out about something like that but i've never lived in one before. i lived in the suites my freshman year and then moved into the sorority house for the past two years. this should be interesting. at least i have my twiny to share the experience with. guess i need to invest in some shower shoes!

my mom, brother and i are going on a mission trip to haiti this july for two week (i'll post more about that later!) and i must admit... i wanna go NOW!!! i simply cannot wait to visit those sweet little children at the orphanage that we'll be visiting :)

even though these CSI and and Criminal Minds scares me i can't help but watch them! i'm watching Criminal Minds right now and it's blowing my mind how crazy people are. and of course the last two episodes that i've watched are set on college campuses. comforting right?! guess i need to watch some cartoons or something before i decide to go to bed so i won't have nightmares! 

one of my pledge sisters is studying abroad in costa rica for the month of may, and i gotta admit i wish i was there with her! what an adventure! however she's blogging all about her trip here. hope you are having a wonderful time whitney!!

ehh that's all i got for now. i'm gonna get back to my tv show. 
ohhh ps- gossip girl tonight at nine! yessss!

Much Love!


  1. that is awesome you are going on a mission trip!! I have been on a handful of them, all in the continental US though but I would love to go overseas somewhere! Have you been to Haiti before?
    annd I absolutely love criminal minds-esp agent morgan ;)
    and gossip girl- I just started watching it this past semester and am on Season two! can't wait to catch up but I'm loving it so far!!