Tuesday, April 5, 2011

video night, wedding shower, fam fam day

i figured that i needed to catch you up on my weekend happenings. 


friday was my school's video night. this is where all the sororities come up with a skits and dances and preform them. it used to be that the points from winning or placing would go towards Greek Week, but that's not the case this year. (not sure why, i just go with the flow) 
anyway! out "theme" was Jeopardy. cute right?! 
well guess what? 

we got SECOND place!! whooohooo 

plus we won "best theme". ballin! i'm so glad all those long nights of practicing payed off!

we did a dance to 'ice cream paint job', where we cranked out the duggie. and a cute dance to sideways by dierks bentley. and yes, we pulled on our cowgirl boots and jean shorts for that one!

and we were all so excited about second place, that we just had to go out and celebrate :)

she wanted to practice being the big. i swear she act like the big sister most of the time anyway! ha! love this girl *big smiles*


saturday was my best friend's wedding shower that i planned for her, since i'm the maid of honor and all! :) 
of course i had some help from the other bride's maids, i mean i like to claim myself wonder woman and all but i had NO clue what to do at a wedding shower besides eat, and open gifts! haha we played a game where they dress up the bride in toilet paper and i made a word scramble about ashley and her soon to be hubby for everyone to unscramble. the winners of course got prizes!

(the toilet paper thing sounds weird i know, but super fun!)

it ended up be a really nice party. 

me and the bride-to-be!


family day!!! whoopwhoop :) and guess who planned this event too?!

if you guessed yours truly, you would be correct!!

so let me just fill you in on the mishaps of this day. 

first: okay well it started out GREAT! i wasn't stressed about anything, couldn't wait to see my fam fam. yeah! 
but then....
i got to the park where we were having family day. 

the caterer was late. i'm not talking like running ten minutes behind. i mean an HOUR late!!! 
i got 200+ hungry people here and they're an hour late! 
thankfully when they did show up, the food was good. 

ohhh but wait! 

they set everything up and right as i'm taking the tops off the food and letting everyone get in line, the guys who brought the food inform me that they forgot the serving spoons. 


so we just got creative and used cups. i feel as though this will be one of those stories people will tell around christmas dinner. "remember that one family day for (insert sister's name here) sorority where the food was an hour late and we had to use cups to serve it because they forgot out serving spoons? i thought that poor jenna's head was gonna come right off!"

yeah, that's how it'll go. ha! at least at my christmas dinner.

but for the few moments that i did get to spend with my fam fam i had a wonderful time!! my brother and i won the brother/sister look-a-like contest :)

he's growing up so fast!!

yes, i had to get a pic with each family member in front of the sign! 

anywho. we are right smack in the middle of Greek Week, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, that's why!

and while we're on the subject of Greek Week, i'll fill you in on Alpha Xis and Greek Week. 

we have won Greek Week the past four years and hope to make this our fifth. however, we have flat out been told by multiple people that the other sororities are going to do whatever they have to do to make us lose this year. i mean rules have been changed from previous years and people are getting dirty. 

and you know what i have to say about all of that.

cuz they can't beat my sisterhood, win or loose i am in the BEST and most classy sorority on this campus and they can't take that from me!!

i'll get off my soapbox now and focus on our stroll off contest that it tonight :)

i hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far!!!!
Much Love!

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  1. sounds like an amazing time. i just love reading your blog. makes me miss my sorority and life in the south. so happy I'm following you. I hope you will as well. if you get a chance swing by to see my choice for fabulous friday and later today my picks for fash fave and fash fail for this week. Would love your support. xoxo