Friday, April 1, 2011

tgif y'all

ahh! thank goodness it's friday!!! i swear this has been the longest week EVER! i cannot wait for Video Night tonight. ohhh we're gonna rock it (well try our very, very best) 
my best friend's wedding shower is tomorrow. 
i'm still looking for games to play.. or something, so if you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way :)
family day on sunday. gosh i miss my parents and brother. i can't wait to see them!!

well since today is the first day of april aka april fool's day and since i don't really care for pranks, i won't be pulling any. but here are some that i found that were pretty funny.

this is all aluminum foil!

haha post its

dang these people are creative! have y'all pulled any pranks today?!
Much Love!


  1. ha i saw a car in the parking lot today at school COVERED in post it notes and the guy was slowlyyy picking them off one-by-one. that would take forever to put on and take off.

  2. Does THAT car have colorful post-its? haha WOW.
    Have a good weekend child! You and Kerri need to come down to Keeneland this month - JUST saying!!!