Saturday, April 2, 2011

now i know my abc's

i've seen this on a few blogs and i just thought it was about time for me to try the fun :)

A-Age: 21 whoohooo
me on my bday

B-Bed Size: sadly.. twin 
this is at school

C-Chore you hate: taking out the trash, but i like cleaning for the most part
D-Dogs: two- phoebe and kelly.. they’re from the same litter and they do everything together
E-Essential start to your day: coffee, coffee, coffee
how cute is this?!? i wish my morning coffee had this precious elephant in it!!

F-Favorite color: green
G-gold or silver: silver
H-Height: 5’4” ish
I-Instruments you play: i wish i still played the guitar, but i haven’t in a very long time. i always wanted to learn the piano
J-Job Title: full time student, support and research analyst for Vendormate, Orientation Leader for the University of West Georgia ha! that's tooooo much going on for one girl!
K-Kids: NONE… until i get married :)
L-Live: my sorority house
my pledge class. aka the old folks. ha! that's me and miss kHl in the very center (where else would you expect us!)

M-Mom's name: pam. i call her pammy sometimes but she hates it. haha!
N-Nickname: jen, lil j, small fry
O-Overnight hospital stay: no overnight stays for me
P-Pet Peeve: rude people, it's just not necessary to be mean for no reason at all
Q-Quote from a movie: woah, there’s too many favorites! so i'll just put a few.
“she doesn’t even go here!” ~mean girls
"did we just become best friends?" "YUP!" ~step brother
"the doug we're looking for is a white." "oh come man, i'll be your doug!" ~the hangover
R-right/left: lefty
S-Siblings: younger brother
back in my high school days. we're such goofballs!

T-Time you wake up: Monday/Wednesday/Fridays- 8:00am Tuesday/Thursdays- 5:45am
U-underwear: VS all the way
V-veggies you dislike: i like vegetables, there's not really any that i dislike
W-What makes you run late: when i press snooze too many times
X-x-rays you've had: cat scan when i fell off my swing set when i was little
Y-Yummy Food You Make: i make lots of yummy food, my favorite to make is baked spaghetti and snicker doodles
Z-Zoo animal: elephants 
Much Love!


  1. I love your room it is so cute!

  2. I agree about the room; I love the colors! and that pet peeve? I hear you loud and clear, that's one of mine too.