Sunday, April 17, 2011


hi friends!!! 
so sorry i've been totally missing in action these past weeks. life has been SO crazy! between the ending of Greek Week, State Day, Preview Day, Rho Lambda and Order of Omega Inductions, A TON (literary a TON) of homework, and Tim McGraw/Luke Bryan i haven't had time to breathe! but today is my relax, work at my own pace day. unfortunately it's homework that i'll be working on all day. and of course today is such a lovely day, perfect for the pool. but hey! it's almost summer.. whoohooo!!
and since i'm on the subject of summer, remember how i got orientation leader for my school?! wellllllll i got the training schedule.
we start may 11th and go until may 25th 8am to 11pm EVERYDAY!!!! (minus weekends of course)
yes we get breaks but woahhhh momma!
at least i'll get to know my fellow orientation leaders very well.
i feels as though we'll be bffs within days! ha! regardless of the crazy schedule i'm STOKED!!

oh and i just want to say HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY to the BEST SORORITY, ALPHA XI DELTA!!!!
i'm so thankful that 118 years ago ten women decided to start the most wonderful organization. i'm so bless to be a part of it!! 

well this is going to be a short post but i'm going to leave you with some picture because as the saying goes, "a picture says a thousand words" so i'm gonna let them do the talking today. 
plus i gotta get back to my oh so lovely homework! boo

gotta love the boys creepin on this one

dodgeball team

the lil and i at the stroll off

me and the beautiful mWk aka Greek Goddess.
ps- AXiD has won the Greek Goddess pageant for the past 7 years. 
ohh and the pageant has only been around for 7 years.

state day

timmmmyyyy concert tailgate!! 

hope everyone has been doing lovely :)
Much Love!


  1. I saw Tim McGraw too! It was such a great concert!

  2. That looks like so much fun! My college did not have any greek life!

  3. These pics are so cute! Miss you bestie and good luck with your finals!!!