Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend recap

ughh monday already! i was so getting used to my spring break schedule. back to reality.. but not before i update you on my weekend. i'm having mixed feelings so i'll just do a high and low list (you know how i love my lists!)
we'll start with the lows so we can end on a positive note :)

1. saturday, on my way to the mall, a rock hit my windshield and now there's a crack right in my line of sight when i drive. and get this! i can't get it replaced until july!! holy hades! 
2. RIGHT after this happened, i hit the back of someone's car. no one was hurt but we did have to call the police to get a report AND i got a citation! 
3. sunday as i was getting ready for church i heard water running downstairs, which was odd because i was the only one still home and i hadn't been downstairs yet. so i go investigate and guess what?!?! our kitchen sink it leaking HOTTTTT water everywhere! literally it was all over our kitchen floor. my brother, who was already at church, had to come turn the house water off because i didn't know how (ps- i def know how to now!) it was awful! we had to cean all the water out before it warped our hardwood floors. AND i was late to church!

1. mom and i had a very successful shopping trip.
2. i got my formal dress on saturday :) 
3 me and the little had a wonderful time at the mall!
4. i FINALLY got to hang out with my bff brandon, i haven't seen him in months and that was just not okay!
5. everyone came back from spring break yesterday and i've missed them so much so i was excited to see all my sister at chapter last night!!
6. this is going to be a long but super exciting week and that made all the lows of my weekend a little less.. well low. 

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  1. oh wow! sounds like a rough trip with a cracked windshield and the wreck! but that is ridiculous that you have to wait until july?!
    and ending spring break just doesn't make it better. i started back today too and it was ROUGH! summmer where are youuu?