Friday, March 4, 2011

shopping list

i have a problem.. i really BAD problem


i might need help :(

so to help me decide with is really necessary and what isn't i'm going to justify my shopping list. i may need some guidance if i get a little crazy.

first on the list... 
why? well since i am going to be walking outside all summer for orientation leader, i'm going to need some comfy, durable sandals. my friend has a pair and i tried them on and they were amazing! i just don't want that yucky tan line on my feet. can you imagine that during sorority recruitment?! ohh my!

why? easter, brother's graduation, bffl's wedding rehearsal dinner, maybe recruitment, plus it's navy so i can wear it in the fall/winter with either my red or white peacoat AND quill (what my sorority calls our dressy days) 

alright so i already have a pair, but they're from my ex boyfriend and i think that it's time to get my own. there's just so many colors to chose from!

ok i just think they're pretty :)

alright once again, i just think its super cute!

i've never seen a pair this color before, but i like! i live in nike shorts (year-round)

of only money grew on trees, guess it's back to work for me! ha! have a fabulous weekend everyone :)
Much Love!


  1. I would go with the chacos.. you will get SO much use out of them since you'll be leading orientation! And they're super comfy! Plus, the straps on that pair are ADORABLE! I hadn't seen it before!

  2. Let me just say that if you FINALLY but chacos I would love you forever and ever :) :) I'm about to invest in my 3rd pair...ridic I know. hahaha.
    - You should pass on the norts. You have a bunch already and that color will soon go on sale
    - Pass on the wine glasses as well (for now at least)
    - Navy dress? YES. It will be adorable on you
    - And get that necklace!!! Well, if it's not too much. I am in an "obsessed with bird things" phase as well
    Okay, I don't think I'm helping you save any $$...bahaha
    XOXO, Jess ♥