Thursday, March 3, 2011


i am so ready for spring break! even though i would rather be lounging in one of these babies...
instead of being at home the whole week. but hey i'm saving money and that's a plus right?! and mom offered to take me shopping and it would just be plain rude to say no ;) so off to me casa it is! wish me luck packing tomorrow. i already know its going to take me forever!! i'm such a horrible packer. whenever i go on trips, even if its just for a weekend, i always bring the most stuff. i just like to be prepared for anything!

anywho! here's some pics from our social last night with kappa sigma, mathletes vs athletes. 
and of course i had to represent my atl braves! :)
my and my big, eMk

the little

and there was  group of girls who dressed up as the average joe's from the movie dodgeball. creative right!? i just had to get a pic with them.. and apparently MW wanted to get in on this pic too!

i'll be keeping yall posted on my wonderful sb adventures. ha!
Much Love!

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  1. I am home for SB & my mom offered the same thing... you can never say no! We will have to blog about what all we get while shopping :)