Tuesday, March 29, 2011

omg it's almost april?!

WHERE has march gone?! like for real.. i swear yesterday was march 1st!

but i would like to thank everyone for their sweet comments on my formal post. it WAS a crazy night... but a memorable one at that!

anywho... is anyone else feeling the school crunch?! i feel as though every project/event/lesson plan is due within the next two week and i'm not even sure i've started! ahhh! procrastinate much.. i think so! doesn't help that we've been preparing for what we call "video night" this friday. it's where all the fraternities and sororities come up with skits and dances to preform. we always go allllll out! i'll post more about it when it's over (it's totally top secret hehe) but i will let you in on a little teeny tiny bit of it... *this girl* is DANCING in it! yup, that's right. get excited :) cuz i know i am!

well off to bed, i want to get some (fun) reading in before i get some much needed zzzz!
Much Love!


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  2. I can totally relate about is starting to pile up and I am not excited about it!

  3. March flew, and I mean it practically flew!! Good luck with all your upcoming tests and what not!

  4. Im hosting an Easter Swap! You should come and join in on the fun!