Saturday, March 5, 2011

'must see' list

first let me start off by saying that did my taxes today :( and i am NOT a fan of whoever is taking my hard earned money!!! can someone please explain to me that since i worked/made more money than i did last year i get LESS back! not in a good mood (clearly) mom tried to explain to me that it's a part of growing up and being a big girl... well let me just say that i am no longer a fan of growing up! ughhhh 

okay i'm done being least i don't owe anything. ha! there found the positive :)

so anyway, went to see the adjustment bureau with the parents. it's a good one! a real must see! but what i can't wait for is the linclon lawyer. it's based on michael connelly best selling book, and it going to star matthew mcconaughey. and that's a reason in itself to go see it! here's the trailer... 

looks soooo good! i've started the book so i'm hoping to finish it before i see the movie!

so does the movie for something borrowed! i LOVE that book so i'm stoked that they are making it into a movie. 

ahh they're both on my must see list!

well that's all for today, just waiting for my TOMS to get out of the wash (they were d-d-diiirrrttyyy!!)
Much Love!


  1. I cannot WAIT for something borrowed to come out!! that book was sooo good! :)