Friday, March 25, 2011

great news!

remember that dodgeball tournament that i was supposed to play in wednesday.... i didn't have to play aka no black eye for meeee!
in other great news, my best fran jLl called today to tell me that she is the new standards vice president of her sorority. why this is great news?! i'm basically the same thing for my sorority, it's just called Chapter Life Vice President. now we can exchange ideas! i am SO stinken proud of her!
i ordered my maid of honor dress for my bffl aDe's wedding in june today. and honestly i had a mini freak out to myself because it all became so real.
but i'm so happy for her, she's totally in love and that makes my heart smile!
also... formal is tomorrow!!! ahhh i'm so excited :)
i have been working my b-u-double t off planning this thing. i'm defiantly not meant to be an event planner. whenever i get married i'm going to consider hiring someone to do all that for me! and even though i'm driving my own car, not the buses (b/c i'm clvp) but it's still going to be a blast! not to mention that my date is pretty easy on the eyes if ya know what i mean. ha! i'll be certain to post picture. pray it doesn't "rain" on our parade! (literally)

and because we all know that no post is complete w/o a pic here's one of where we are having formal!

what are yall up to this weekend?!

Much Love!

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  1. that venue looks amazing for a formal! Can't wait to see pictures!!