Tuesday, March 29, 2011

omg it's almost april?!

WHERE has march gone?! like for real.. i swear yesterday was march 1st!

but i would like to thank everyone for their sweet comments on my formal post. it WAS a crazy night... but a memorable one at that!

anywho... is anyone else feeling the school crunch?! i feel as though every project/event/lesson plan is due within the next two week and i'm not even sure i've started! ahhh! procrastinate much.. i think so! doesn't help that we've been preparing for what we call "video night" this friday. it's where all the fraternities and sororities come up with skits and dances to preform. we always go allllll out! i'll post more about it when it's over (it's totally top secret hehe) but i will let you in on a little teeny tiny bit of it... *this girl* is DANCING in it! yup, that's right. get excited :) cuz i know i am!

well off to bed, i want to get some (fun) reading in before i get some much needed zzzz!
Much Love!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


well... formal... it's over... now i can breathe again. 
everything went smoothly, until we ran out of chicken and we had left was salad, and veggies. and one of my sister's had an allergic reaction to something (she's good now, no worries!) and i spent the last hour of formal at the hospital. but i really did have a good time. my poor date, who had to ride in the car with me ended up having the ride the bus back. what a sport! but everyone seemed to have had a good time. (guess i'll find out tonight at chapter) now on to the final plans for family day this coming sunday :) my job is never done. well i'll leave you with these few pictures i stood still enough to take. 

me and my date at his fraternity house

my lil and our dates

we won "best roommates" no big deal :)

hope all of you had a fabulous weekend!
Much Love!

Friday, March 25, 2011

great news!

remember that dodgeball tournament that i was supposed to play in wednesday.... i didn't have to play aka no black eye for meeee!
in other great news, my best fran jLl called today to tell me that she is the new standards vice president of her sorority. why this is great news?! i'm basically the same thing for my sorority, it's just called Chapter Life Vice President. now we can exchange ideas! i am SO stinken proud of her!
i ordered my maid of honor dress for my bffl aDe's wedding in june today. and honestly i had a mini freak out to myself because it all became so real.
but i'm so happy for her, she's totally in love and that makes my heart smile!
also... formal is tomorrow!!! ahhh i'm so excited :)
i have been working my b-u-double t off planning this thing. i'm defiantly not meant to be an event planner. whenever i get married i'm going to consider hiring someone to do all that for me! and even though i'm driving my own car, not the buses (b/c i'm clvp) but it's still going to be a blast! not to mention that my date is pretty easy on the eyes if ya know what i mean. ha! i'll be certain to post picture. pray it doesn't "rain" on our parade! (literally)

and because we all know that no post is complete w/o a pic here's one of where we are having formal!

what are yall up to this weekend?!

Much Love!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

some favs of mine

Leslie over at Life in its Ordinary Form tagged me "My Favorites" list.. and we ALL know how i LOVE lists. 

so here are some of my favs!!

(1) food: popcorn popped on the stove, not the microwave

(2) color: green

(3) animal: turtles

(4) sports team:  nebraska.. i know... random considering i was born and raised in the south. go huskers!

(5) dessert: moose tracks ice cream

(6) artist/singer/band: dave matthews band

(7) pair of shoes: TOMS... duh ;)

(8) outfit: nike shorts and a tshirt and if its cold my patagonia... so comfy or a cute sundress with boots or flats

(9) store: new york and company & target

(10) brand: eh, i have a variety but i do love me some lilly!

(11) perfume: VS amber romance and secret wonderland

(12) accessory: pearl earrings

(13) city: anywhere with a beach is a favorite!

(14) hobby: alpha xi delta

(15) beauty product: burt's bees shampoo and conditioner 

(16) snack: the snack that smiles back, goldfish

(17) holiday: christmas

(18) movie: ocean's 11, 12, and 13

(19) song: me and tennessee- gwyneth paltrow & tim mcgraw

(20) guilty pleasure: eating chocolate frosting straight out of the container

Now Tag 5-7 friends!

Jessica Lynn: Living With Ones Soul

ha! i just realized i had a lot of jessica and emily bloggie friends! love!!

and ps- i totally wish i was here.. just saying

clearly someone is craving summer and that someone would be me!

Much Love!

Monday, March 21, 2011

happy monday!

i don't know about you but i need an i.v. of coffee and another day of the weekend. maybe then i'll be ready for this crazy week ahead of me! let me just give you the run down of the week

monday: class, find an outfit for out social tonight, zumba, Pi Kappa Phi's War of Roses Trivia Night, sorority softball game (i'll be watching, not playing), "If It Ain't Neon, It Can't Be On" social with Chi Phi and somehow getting some homework done.
tuesday: teaching, class, Pi Kapp's War of Roses Spaghetti Dinner
wednesday: class, Pi Kapp's War of Roses Dodgeball Tournament which i'm playing in! this is nuts! i'm awful at throwing, catching, and dodging therefore dodgeball is NOT my sport. wish me luck with that one!
thursday: teaching, Pi Kapp's Push America Pageant
friday: MATH TEST ahhh! getting last minuet details for formal the next day ironed out
saturday: FORMAL!! this is going to be interesting let's take that luck you wished me for the dodgeball tourney and save it for this night. i hope everything goes smoothly! 

redic right?! 
how's your week looking?

Friday, March 18, 2011

happy (late) st. patrick's day

i had a wonderful first st. patrick's day being 21!
first, my st. patrick's day math lesson at school went wonderfully!! i wasn't as nervous teaching this one as i was the first one. 
then on my way home from school my big texted me saying that she didn't have to work and she was free to go out. whoop whoop!!
so to the border (a mexican restaurant) we went! even they were in the spirit hint the green cheese... looks gross but sooo good.

after we ate we were out for the night!

i know, i know, i'm not wearing green but i did change after we ate into a shirt with green in it, i just didn't take pictures of it. :(

hope you all had a wonderful st. patty's day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend recap

ughh monday already! i was so getting used to my spring break schedule. back to reality.. but not before i update you on my weekend. i'm having mixed feelings so i'll just do a high and low list (you know how i love my lists!)
we'll start with the lows so we can end on a positive note :)

1. saturday, on my way to the mall, a rock hit my windshield and now there's a crack right in my line of sight when i drive. and get this! i can't get it replaced until july!! holy hades! 
2. RIGHT after this happened, i hit the back of someone's car. no one was hurt but we did have to call the police to get a report AND i got a citation! 
3. sunday as i was getting ready for church i heard water running downstairs, which was odd because i was the only one still home and i hadn't been downstairs yet. so i go investigate and guess what?!?! our kitchen sink it leaking HOTTTTT water everywhere! literally it was all over our kitchen floor. my brother, who was already at church, had to come turn the house water off because i didn't know how (ps- i def know how to now!) it was awful! we had to cean all the water out before it warped our hardwood floors. AND i was late to church!

1. mom and i had a very successful shopping trip.
2. i got my formal dress on saturday :) 
3 me and the little had a wonderful time at the mall!
4. i FINALLY got to hang out with my bff brandon, i haven't seen him in months and that was just not okay!
5. everyone came back from spring break yesterday and i've missed them so much so i was excited to see all my sister at chapter last night!!
6. this is going to be a long but super exciting week and that made all the lows of my weekend a little less.. well low. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

heart of a champion

so i'm driving home from my hair appointment this afternoon, listening to the radio and the dj starts to introduce the next song. immediately i turn the volume up after i hear what has been said. the song that was about to play had been written about coweta county (a county right near where i go to school) firefighter, Chris Landreau who is no longer fighting fires but fighting stage 4 t-cell lymphoma. he was diagnosed this past february and has just finished his first round of chemotherapy at Emory in Atlanta. during the song they stopped it every so often to tell more about him and his family and of course i'm balling my eyes out. he has a his wife and two little girls, 6 and 4. i cannot even begin to imagine what their family is going through. there are a few fundraisers that are raining money in his honor to help cover medical coast as well as traveling to and from atlanta. you can even download the song on itunes "A Heart of a Champion" by Corbette Jackson Featuring The Lost Trailers and 100% of the money from the downloads will go towards his battle. naturally i ran into the house and download it as soon as my slow-as-molasses-in-january itunes let me! i still can't listen to it all the way through without balling. i am amazed at the way the community has rallied around this man to give him strength and support in their time of need.
here's the song, but i'm warning you, grab a box of tissues before you press play. 
amazing right!
Much Love!

Monday, March 7, 2011


yall had to know a post like this was coming.. i mean it's in my blog title :) my TOMS aka the best shoes ever!! if you don't have a pair i highly, HIGHLY recommend you get a pair! let me briefly explain what TOMS exactly are and the movement that they've started. okay, so i'll let the TOMS website do the explaining, they'll do a much better job!
In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family, friends and staff later that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS customers.
i also learned that many children can't go to school because the terrain is too rough for them to walk on barefoot. so these shoes not only bring protection to their feet, it brings them an opportunity to get an education.
now how can you not want to be apart of something so powerful as this!
i got my first pair 2 years ago
these aren't mine, but they look exactly like the ones i have. i love love love them and wear they all the time. i got my second pair for christmas last year and let me tell you i literally wear that pair everyday and everywhere! they were off-white and so the daily wear and tear was really getting to them.
they looked worse in person. i was slightly embarrassed by them sooooo i washed them! i have never been more nervous to do a load of laundry. i didn't want them to get ruined but they just HAD to be cleaned! so in the washer they went!

don't they look SO much better!
so for those of you who have TOMS or are thinking about investing in a pair, and need to give them a spruce, put them in the washer with some old towels, little laundry detergent, and cold water. don't dry them in the dryer, that might shrink them more than you'll want. just let them air dry and presto! they'll look as good as new!
oh! another tip for you first time buyers of TOMS, they run slightly small, so order a half size larger than you normally wear. ex: i wear a 7 in most shoes so i ordered a 7.5 and they fit perfectly! i really encourage yall to browse the website, there's womens, mens, and childrens shoes and you can find more then just shoes. there's jewelry, t-shirts, bags, etc. and with anything you purchase they will send a pair of shoes to a child in another country who need them. just click here and start changing the world!
Much Love!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

'must see' list

first let me start off by saying that did my taxes today :( and i am NOT a fan of whoever is taking my hard earned money!!! can someone please explain to me that since i worked/made more money than i did last year i get LESS back! not in a good mood (clearly) mom tried to explain to me that it's a part of growing up and being a big girl... well let me just say that i am no longer a fan of growing up! ughhhh 

okay i'm done being least i don't owe anything. ha! there found the positive :)

so anyway, went to see the adjustment bureau with the parents. it's a good one! a real must see! but what i can't wait for is the linclon lawyer. it's based on michael connelly best selling book, and it going to star matthew mcconaughey. and that's a reason in itself to go see it! here's the trailer... 

looks soooo good! i've started the book so i'm hoping to finish it before i see the movie!

so does the movie for something borrowed! i LOVE that book so i'm stoked that they are making it into a movie. 

ahh they're both on my must see list!

well that's all for today, just waiting for my TOMS to get out of the wash (they were d-d-diiirrrttyyy!!)
Much Love!

Friday, March 4, 2011

shopping list

i have a problem.. i really BAD problem


i might need help :(

so to help me decide with is really necessary and what isn't i'm going to justify my shopping list. i may need some guidance if i get a little crazy.

first on the list... 
why? well since i am going to be walking outside all summer for orientation leader, i'm going to need some comfy, durable sandals. my friend has a pair and i tried them on and they were amazing! i just don't want that yucky tan line on my feet. can you imagine that during sorority recruitment?! ohh my!

why? easter, brother's graduation, bffl's wedding rehearsal dinner, maybe recruitment, plus it's navy so i can wear it in the fall/winter with either my red or white peacoat AND quill (what my sorority calls our dressy days) 

alright so i already have a pair, but they're from my ex boyfriend and i think that it's time to get my own. there's just so many colors to chose from!

ok i just think they're pretty :)

alright once again, i just think its super cute!

i've never seen a pair this color before, but i like! i live in nike shorts (year-round)

of only money grew on trees, guess it's back to work for me! ha! have a fabulous weekend everyone :)
Much Love!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i am so ready for spring break! even though i would rather be lounging in one of these babies...
instead of being at home the whole week. but hey i'm saving money and that's a plus right?! and mom offered to take me shopping and it would just be plain rude to say no ;) so off to me casa it is! wish me luck packing tomorrow. i already know its going to take me forever!! i'm such a horrible packer. whenever i go on trips, even if its just for a weekend, i always bring the most stuff. i just like to be prepared for anything!

anywho! here's some pics from our social last night with kappa sigma, mathletes vs athletes. 
and of course i had to represent my atl braves! :)
my and my big, eMk

the little

and there was  group of girls who dressed up as the average joe's from the movie dodgeball. creative right!? i just had to get a pic with them.. and apparently MW wanted to get in on this pic too!

i'll be keeping yall posted on my wonderful sb adventures. ha!
Much Love!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

no worries, i'm about to explain what that is :)
during the summer every new student to west georgia has to attend an orientation to the university. its one or two day (usually two and they have to stay the night in the dorms) anyways, orientation leader are the ones who teach the 'new babies' allllll about west georgia! i loved my orientation leader when i was a freshman and i'm so excited to be one!! this is going to be the best job ever! it's even more of a plus that my twin in my sorority (aHe) is going to be an orientation leader with me! we get to spend to whole summer together *big smile*
this is me and her at alpha xi delta area wide training

and today was one of my precious kindergartners 6th birthday and her aunt and uncle threw her a mini party at school today. never in my life have i seen so many sugared- up children!
her cake was an iCarly laptop cake! apparently iCarly is a BIG deal for 5 and 6 year olds. (who knew?!)
i teach my first lesson to them on thursday, so keep your fingers crossed :)

so since i'm failing at this thirty day challenge and have skipped a bunch of days i'll just start up with it tomorrow (maybe). i hope everyone has had a terrific tuesday!!
Much Love!