Tuesday, February 15, 2011

never have i ever....

used so much hand sanitizer in my life!!! i had my first day of student teaching today and i LOVED it!!!! those sweet little kindergardeners just stole my heart. however i am exhausted . literally, i don't know how people do this everyday! i guess i'll get used to it eventually. but boo for having a quiz in class tonight PLUS a council meeting. my bed is looking better and better. i better find somewhere else to study before i crawl under the covers and sleep through everything tonight. (although that idea really doesn't seem half bad!) i kid i kid, sorta. off to study, hope everyone has had a wonderful tuesday! i know i have :)
Much Love!


  1. That's so exciting!! And I am obsessed with hand sanitizer so that wouldn't be a problem haha; happy tuesday! Virginia

  2. You will love student teaching! It was my favorite, and hardest, semester, but seriously it's all worth it. Have fun!