Monday, February 14, 2011

love is all you need

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! since today is Valentine's Day i decided to change my font color for the day. i know that it could be so easy to absolutely hate this "made up" holiday but i just can't! even though i don't have a boyfriend this year to celebrate it with i still have my family and friends to share it with. who says it's just a day for couples?! if you love someone and they are special to you, i think that it is wonderful to have a special day to remind them that you love them. but i'm not gonna lie, i would just LOVE to get one of these babies on Valentine's Day... or ya know any other day....

i just think he is so presh! although i'm not really sure what i would do with him or put him. ha!

however, i know exactly what to do with these! yum yumm!

me and the lil decided that we are going to have dinner and/or dessert together tonight to celebrate Valentine's Day AND our very first day of student teaching tomorrow so i'm pretty excited! 
well i'm off to class and a quick run on this beautiful day! who knew february was going to be this nice out?! i'm sure ready for warmer weather. well once again, Happy Valentine's Day yall! don't forget to let the special people in your life know that you love them. you don't have to just say it today because of what day it is, but tell them everyday. because everyone loves to hear that are loved :)
Much Love!

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