Thursday, February 3, 2011

the "lost" week

since i've been so negligent to my blog (so sorry friends) i figured it would just be easier to catch up with bullet points and pictures (because let's be honest, who doesn't love pictures!!) 
  • my wonderful rooms turned 21, and we celebrated last thursday with basically everyone!!
  • me and a bunch of my sisters went to alpha xi delta area wide training at Georgia Tech on saturday. their house is BEAUTIFUL!!! and so is their campus, confusing, but so so pretty!
  • sunday was preview day at my school and being a university ambassador and all i was giving tours like there was tomorrow! yeah, i had no voice by the end of the day and was so tired and hungry, but i absolutely love preview days!
  • my homework for my art and music class was to color a picture that describes me!! how ballin is that?! and in class we painted a picture of a sunflower. i love love love my major! i can't wait to be a teacher! and yes, my picture is hanging on my fridge! 
  • i finally went to ZUMBA!!! (best workout EVER!)
  • ruined not one, but two pairs of kakis pants in the wash yesterday because i accidently left chapstick in the pocket of one of them. booooo! but no worries, my wonderful mother "has a coupon" (her very words!) what would i do without her?! so let this a warning.. don't ever ever ever leave chapstick, crayons, or pretty much anything in your pockets when you wash your clothes. my lesson has officially been learned!
  • yesterday, was also my sororities double blue crush party!!! yay! i just LOVE crush parties *smiles* it was also my first one being 21 so pluses all around. unfortunately i forgot my camera at home (insert shocked/sad face here) so sorry friends! but i'm going to "borrow" some from rooms, i'm sure she won't mind!
with that being said, let the picture begin!!!

well that's the basic overview of my "lost" week. hope you all are having wonderful weeks as well!!
Much Love!

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