Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daddies and Daughters

today was a GREAT day! why you ask?! well my sorority hosted a "Xis and Their Favorite Guys" West Georgia Basketball Game. and let my just say something real quick, my dad, isn't the biggest sports fan but you better believe that he showed up ready to watch some basketball!! and i could not have been more excited to see him! 

before we went to the game he went with me to find my school that i will start student teacher at on tuesday. (what a great guy!) well as we were walking around the building we ran into a fourth grade teacher. she only had AMAZING things to say about my teacher that i will be shadowing. i cannot wait for my first day in my kindergarden class!! *side note* two of my sisters had this teacher as their kindergarden teacher and one sister had her as her first block and fourth block teacher!!! how perfect is this?!?! well i best be finishing my laundry.. ps- step brothers is on tv right now and i am pumped! love love loveee that movie!
Much Love!

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