Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SNOW DAY... 3 of them!

soooo remember how i said georgians get a little nutty when there's a snow storm?! well guess what.. we haven't had school in THREE days!!! totally unheard of! and yes one snow day is wonderful. two? why not. but three?! i'm getting a little antsy here! not to mention i'm running out of snack food. but i have had a wonderful past couple of days with some amazing people. some sisters and i decided to have a Gossip Girl marathon (LOVE!! i'm obsessed with Blair!!) and yesterday, some of us went sledding in the snow (more like ice actually) but here are a few pics from that great adventure.
me in the yellow rain boots (note to self: walking on ice in rain boots= bad idea!)

i was trying to help aJn up the hill and ended up falling. boooo!

me and bp and bz

after a wonderful meal of delivered hot wings and fries, we showered and watched the championship game between Auburn and Oregon. honestly it didn't matter to me who won, but let me just give a shout out to the SEC who got it done *smiles* now all i have to do is wait for the school to reopen so i can visit the health center (dang these sinus infections) no more playing in the snow for me!! oh well, i'm sure i have homework to attend to anyway.
Much Love!


  1. wow three days off?! I would be getting restless too! I don't start back to school until next Tuesday so I'm glad we haven't gotten much snow here yet!

  2. Wow three days off? wow. i wish it snowed in florida. :)



  3. i mean i'm loving having time off, but honestly i'm ready to go to class so i can get out of this house!

  4. Looks like fun, I love your rain boots! I just found your blog and think its adorable!!

  5. Found your blog through Miss Kerri! I cannot believe you all got all that snow in Georgia!! Your blog is too cute!! I think I have an online shopping problem too!! haha (from your first post!) and for some reason I always want to shop MORE right after saying I am putting my credit card on LOCK DOWN. Weird.