Wednesday, January 19, 2011


so first off, let me apologize for my lack of blogging the past couple days. (i'm still getting used to it)
second off.. I'M TWENTY ONE!!!!!! well i've been 21 for two days now but i'm still pumped about it!!! Monday, (my real birthday) after everyone got back to school we went to O'Charley's where i ordered my first legal drink (tangerine pomegranate margarita yumm yumm!)
this pic courtesy of my rooms, kerri. thanks love!
but i'm just so excited for kerri and mine's 21st bday celebration that will be taking place next thursday :) now THAT will be a fun night!!
so, last saturday my parents took me and my brother out for both of our birthdays. (his is six days after mine) my baby brother is growing up so fast, i can't believe that he's turing 19 sunday and he's gonna graduate this may from high school. oh gosh i can't handle this!
i apologize for the phone pic, my mom forgot her camera, which NEVER happens! and my sweet dad got me the pandora bracelet that i've been hinting about oh so much!
and my rooms made me the cutest things ever. whenever we feel down about something we start listing "pros" about each other, and let me tell ya, it really helps! but she took the liberty of writing "21 pros" for my 21st bday. how presh is she?! 
this is now sitting above my computer so when i'm having a rough day all i have to do is read a few. try it! i promise you'll love it!! well off to run errands, ugh! i feel like i'm always running errands.
Much Love!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love Pandora bracelets!!

  2. I love that your roomie writes pros about you! that's so cute!! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!