Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fall Away

Alpha Xi Delta (ΑΞΔ) was founded on April 17, 1893 by ten women at Lombard College, in Galesburg, Illinois, who shared a vision of an organization dedicated to the personal growth of women. 
i would not be the young woman i am today without the vision of these ten women. our vision statement is "inspiring women to realize their potential" and Alpha Xi Delta has helped me to do that. when i went through recruitment in the fall of 2008 i never imagined that i would find a group of girls who i loved and respected so much. i know it sounds cheesy but i really have met my life long best friends, my future bride's maids, my support system, and my never ending supply of good times! and the times that i always remember the most are the days where we all get together and learn something new about each other and ourselves. like for instance, we all could use some more balancing skills. ha! today was our sisterhood retreat at woodland camp and i've been looking forward to this since last semester!! we split into four groups and went through a series of challenge courses. each one designed to make you work as a team, give each person their time to shine, and teach followers to be leader and leader to followers. all of these lessons can not only be applied in our sorority life but our real lives as well. i got to have the pleasure of getting to know the 13 women in my group on a whole new level. i mean when you have to fall backwards from a 6 foot platform into their arms, trusting that they aren't going to drop you, i think it strengthens the relationship you have with those people. and when they trust you enough to let you catch them, that's amaXIng! i wouldn't trade any of these wonderful women for the world. i love my sisters, each and everyone.
my group *smiles*

wonderful god-family (sorority god-family) i just love these two!!

me and (and cSg creeping in the back!)

lil and big

Much Love!

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