Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exec Weekend

This has been a busy weekend so far and I'm pretty stoked to have nothing to do tonight except laze around. (and blog of course!!)
But anyways... So this weekend has been all about my sorority's new Executive Council, which I have the pleasure of serving on for the second year. Last year I was Recording Secretary, and I'm proud to say that my wonderful little, tMl has taken over that position. This year I am Chapter Life Vice President. And I am so excited!!
tMl a.k.a. my lil one!

And here's all of us!

I was also excited that my parents got to come to the ceremony. (plus, they took me to dinner afterwards!)They are the absolute best parents a girl could ask for *smiles*

And every year we have an exec retreat. This year we went to Olive Garden, yum yum! So Friday night we trekked over to Newnan, shopped around for a bit, waited AN HOUR for our table (redic) and returned to Carrollton for a marathon of "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Four Weddings" both of which I LOVE!! Overall a wonderful night.
And get this.. There's supposed to be a huge winter storm headed our way tomorrow night. (ahh!) Naturally every grocery store here is out of bread and milk. People stop freaking out! Plus, if you are stuck in your house for days-on-end are you really going to be able to survive on bread and milk alone?! Let me answer that one for ya.. no! haha ohh lord, georgians and snow/ice is not a good combo. But hey, if classes are canceled, you won't hear a complaint from me!
Much Love!


  1. Wow...I was recording sec and then chapter life vp and then president! :) Great exec positions that you have been in and are in! :)Congrats!

    Hope yall get a snow day! I'm praying for one too!

  2. i hope there is sooo much snow that we get to make snow ice cream and build a snow man and have a snow ball fight!!!

  3. sounds like a great weekend!! congrats on your exec position!!